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  • Transportation
    City of Wonders Traveling Exhibit

    Entech Innovative was commissioned by COSI to build City of Wonders, an interactive traveling exhibit that highlights the advantages of living in a city in Florida. Designed for young and old alike to enjoy, this low-cost, modular attraction features traditional Florida architecture and its history, allowing visitors to explore the various aspects of city life in the beautiful Sunshine... more

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  • featured
    Bernoulli’s Bench

    In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli's principle states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs at the same time as a decrease in fluid pressure. When applied to various types of fluid flow, it results in what is known as Bernoulli's equation. When the Witte Museum wanted an interactive exhibit that would help visitors grasp Bernoulli’s principle, they came to Entech Innovative. At... more

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  • passing_1
    Siemens Stand Up 2 Cancer Baton

    Siemens SU2C Promotion Siemens has joined forces with Stand Up To Cancer for “The Baton Pass,” a new country-wide fund raising campaign to support SU2C's innovative cancer research & treatment. Entech Innovative was contracted to engineer & fabricate the batons which will be tracked across the country on their journey toward raising $1 million dollars. Pass the... more

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  • Sky diving 3 featured

    SkyVenture is a worldwide company that offers an indoor skydiving experience to their customers. Entech got to use its metal while working on several different flight chambers and water chilled veins, or radiators to you, which were shipped around the world. The large stainless structures were custom built with curved glass inserts and controls systems. Designed to be modular, they easily come... more

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  • Motion Base Drawing 3
    Motion Based Attractions

    Motion Based Attractions from EntechCreative Want to jump into the action of your favorite movie?  With the integration of motion based platforms, virtual ride attractions are increasing in popularity as well as reality. Despicable Me Video – Today Show So, how is this experiential adventure created?  By adding the tactile element of movement to synchronized visual and audio... more

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  • libertymuseum
    Liberty Science Center Hurricane Effect

    Nothing like the real thing! So when the Liberty Science Center wanted to show how real world building systems protect tall buildings from the effects of wind, they asked us to build a wind tunnel that would simulate winds of over 100 mph.  See it in action! The Curtain Wall Test The Liberty Science Center wind tunnel demonstrates the effectiveness of skyscraper glazing systems, or curtain... more

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  • Heart Pump
    Heart Pump

    Heart Pump, designed and engineered by Entech, combines discovery and excitement into a “heart-pumping” race while teaching how the heart muscle effectively and efficiently pumps blood. In this interactive exhibit, the guest presses one of three buttons to choose the duration of the interactive experience (one, two, or three minutes). After pressing one of the cycle time buttons, guests start... more

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  • 7524022234_4269441f82_z
    Crayola Wax Works

    To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Crayola, Entech Creative was retained to design the renovation of the Binney & Smith Crayola factory into an interactive museum experience. Working with Crayola’s in-house team of brand managers and marketing staff, Entech technical and creative designers and engineers designed the "Crayola Wax Works", comprised of over 22 interpretive displays,... more

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  • 3659232888_d21e5e17dd_z
    Kennedy Space Center: Rocket Garden

    The Kennedy Space Center’s Rocket Garden is a three acre walking tour through the history of NASA’s rockets. Delaware North had Entech Innovative design, engineer, and build the environmental content that pulls the “garden” together and enhances visitor experience. This content includes everything, from the entrance to railings to graphics and design of interpretive material. Most... more

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  • skycycle

    The Entech-branded SkyCycle™ has become the standard for full-body immersive educational exhibits for almost a dozen science centers throughout the United States and Asia. Originally the generic high-wire or high-rail bike, Entech's engineers standardized the design to provide comfort and safety, yet, by permitting riders to sway back and forth within defined limits, simultaneously offering... more

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