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  • Custom Engineered Portable Structures

    This engineered customized portable structure at Walt Disney’s Epcot was designed and fabricated to meet many needs. The engineered portable structure had to look like a white stucco house in the Greek Islands, it had to have the structural integrity portability requires and the electrical systems a commercial kitchen requires. Entech Innovative Engineering was up for the challenge and ultimately re-engineered the project to save time, money and improve the look and durability of the portable structure offering mobile-cuisine.

    Our client came to Entech with drawings of what they wanted. Originally, the engineered portable structure was to be constructed in two pieces and attached together at the location. However, the original design had an obvious seam line and the drawings indicated an inefficient construction that would be costly. Since the final dimensions were not too large to travel on a flatbed truck, the engineers at Entech redesigned the portable structure to be one piece.

    The final portable structure offered retractable wheels, aluminum frame construction, commercial grade electrical and a seamless look. In addition, the new design required less maintenance and site repairs.…

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  • Parabolic Reflectors

    Entech Innovative Engineering can build anything! An opportunity to do something different came with the development of our relationship with SeaSpace, specialists in satellite systems. To work on parabolic reflectors may have been a change of pace, but nothing we could not handle.

    A parabolic reflector must be fabricated to precise specifications. The high precision molds we made were laser measured to less than .001 inch of variance. The reflectors, made of epoxy resin carbon fiber composite, were vacuum bagged for matrix consolidation to maximize the strength and weight of the finished components.

    Matrix consolidation is a process where volatiles produced during processing are managed to prevent them accumulating in pockets and creating voids in the material. This step is critical in the production of high precision composite material components.

    Reflectors must be extremely precise to properly integrate with sophisticated stations. These parabolic reflectors are programmed to communicate on a specific Ka + X band frequency combination with geosynchronous satellites.…

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  • Grand Cypress Pool Expansion

    The expansion of the Grand Cypress pool area was distinguished by the ability of the team at Entech Innovative Engineering to install FAST. Entech had been selected by Hensel Phelps for the job because during the bidding process, Entech’s proposal offered the shortest time frame for fabrication and installation. Since the renovations were taking place in an existing hotel while guests would be staying there and using the pool, time was of the essence.

    The team at Entech teamed with ProSlide to design and build an exceptional water slide experience. A guest climbs the stairs to the gazebo on top of a mountain of rocks with a beautiful 360-degree view and then enters the long twisting water slide to land in the pool below.

    The collaborative effort resulted in the completion of the job faster than any competitor could have, with a minimum of inconvenience to guests and a wonderful addition to the pool area.

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  • Art of Animation – Retail Jars

    The Ink & Paint Shop, a themed merchandise store at the Art of Animation resort, showcases our display cases: the retail jars. In a rainbow of custom colors selected by Disney Imagineers, the 37 large jar shelving units line the store with 168 smaller jars piled on top.

    Constructed of composite and automotive paint, the jars were custom made to fit the room perfectly. The jars offer a truly inviting and unique environment for the guest to experience.…

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  • Art of Animation – Metal Flats

    672 aluminum and stainless steel flats were cut individually, scenic hand painted and installed to decorate the three buildings in The Little Mermaid area of the Art of Animation Resort. The shapes ranged from bubbles, to waves, to eels, to seahorses, to angel fish, to dolphins 22’ long. The variety and placement of the flats makes the area and each building unique.

    For the installation of the metal flats, the Entech Innovative Engineering team developed an innovative process to make installation go smoothly. Since there are 672 metal flats, each with an average of 7 holes, 4,704 holes had to be drilled. In addition, each hole had to be in a precise location calculated by engineering to line up with its specific mounting point. To expedite and simplify the process in the field, the engineers sent the coordinates for each hole location to a Kindle Fire used by the install team in the field.…

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  • Hard Rock Cafe Waikiki

    See the Wave in Action.

    When the Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki wanted something special for their bar, something that would set it apart and enhance their customer’s experience, they came to Entech Innovative Engineering. What they got not only gives their customers a great experience, it meets their needs, too.

    The “Wave” is a custom multimedia artistic element. Programmable, the multimedia lights show can be changed frequently and the rainbow of colors available offers many options. The theme oriented wall was designed specifically for the space and installed seamlessly.…

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  • SkyVenture

    SkyVenture is a worldwide company that offers an indoor skydiving experience to their customers. Entech Innovative Engineering got to use its metal while working on several different flight chambers and water chilled veins, or radiators to you, which were shipped around the world.

    The large stainless structures were custom built with curved glass inserts and controls systems. Designed to be modular, they easily come apart for shipping.…

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  • Hard Rock Cafe London

    Entech Innovative Engineering was tasked with creating a fire-themed background using only Gibson USA guitar picks for the Hard Rock Cafe in London’s main bar. The result is a deep orange and red wall of fire that grabs guests attention in the rock ‘n roll themed environment.…

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  • Walt Disney World Princess Gazebo

    The beautiful little Walt Disney World pavilion is tucked away in a special place where a little girl or boy can meet a princess or prince. Yet to make that possible required more than one might think at first glance. This delicate gazebo required engineering, site preparation, permitting, fabrication, installation and customer approval in a tight location and time frame.

    That things went smoothly would be normal. That the gazebo is interesting and unique is natural. You might notice that the gazebo has the customary octagonal shape, but then you might realize there are only six posts rather than the customary eight. And then again, you might see that the posts are positioned in the middle of each side as opposed to the corner. All these modifications were made at the request of the customer.

    In custom work, you get what will meet your needs. And Entech Innovative Engineering knows all the other stuff to make that happen.…

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  • Margaritaville’s Spinning Hurricane

    The Entech Innovative Engineering team engineered and fabricated the massive icon for the center bar at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Designed by and furnished under the direction of The McBride Co., the restaurant features a giant spinning hurricane with a large tequila bottle at its core for us to fabricate.

    The tequila bottle descends out of the rotating hurricane clouds to dispense gallons of “tequila” into a huge blender. The effect is topped-off with misty smoke, confetti and shark fins that pop out of the bands of the hurricane.

    Size, engineering, specialty metals, fiberglass, controls systems, scenic paint – this iconic feature has it all and all of it was completed in just 68 days! We were up to the challenge and it was a lot of fun to design and build.…

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