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  • Chevy Brand Icon

    Czarnowski, Chevy’s ad agency, was planning something special for the LA Auto Show. They wanted an iconic multi-media Chevy brand icon with surrounds. Entech Innovative Engineering was up to the challenge and completed the engineering, fabrication and installation of the huge, yet portable brand elements!

    The Chevy brand is 40-feet wide and has a 60-foot surround on each side. That totals 160 feet of programmable multi-media screens for their message. The project delivered in only six weeks. Entech is able to deliver the impressive on time and within budget.

    Watch video of testing the 40 foot Chevy brand with 60 foot surrounds on each side for the LA Auto Show.

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  • Penalty Kick Challenge

    It started with an idea. How could the public actively engage with the 2013 Ford Escape redesign and walk away knowing the great new features: 33 miles per gallon and hand-free lift gate? Answer, a custom interactive soccer video game!

    The first creative meeting with the Xperience and Entech Innovative Engineering teams was all about the details of the customer experience and defining what the game would do. Then the engineers dove into programming the game and designing the custom sensor platform.

    One month after the initial meeting, the prototype game and platform shipped. Entech took the opportunity to improve on the platform design and fulfill the client’s request to develop a football version.

    But the development did not stop there. Next, there were flaming balls after three consecutive goals and the Spanish language version. The next sport is baseball and Entech is employing technology that reads movement of the whole body. Now there is no need to transport a platform to play the games. All games are completely customizable. The Penalty Kick Challenge is a great collaboration and huge marketing success!…

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  • Siemens Stand Up 2 Cancer Baton

    Siemens SU2C Promotion

    Siemens joined forces with Stand Up To Cancer for “The Baton Pass,” a country-wide fund raising campaign to support SU2C’s innovative cancer research and treatment.

    Entech Innovative Engineering was contracted to engineer and fabricate the batons which were tracked across the country on their journey toward raising $1 million dollars.

    Pass the Baton on Facebook

    So, how does the baton work exactly? It is a custom mini-computer encased in a lightweight poly-carbonate tube. It has a microprocessor that runs a GPS satellite tracker, programmable lighting, and a counter to keep track of the “clicks” or times the baton is passed. It operates with a rechargeable battery system and has the appropriate RJ45 port for transfering information.

    This is a great example of how Entech is innovating design in the experiential marketplace and our capacity to develop elements for every type of industry.…

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  • Continental 777 / U.S. Open 2009

    Entech Innovative partnered with TrashTalk FCM to make the Continental 777 a one-of- a-kind experience for the 2009 US Open Tennis Tournament. Designed to increase brand awareness at the US Open for Continental Airlines, the 777 replica creatively merged the brand with the event. It was made of tennis balls! The scale model structure in the shape of a 777 plane was covered in colored tennis balls that matched the colors of a Continental 777. Designed to reflect Continental’s branding, the metal base was cut using our in-house water jet. And finally, the Continental 777 model was set on a slant to give it the appearance of an ascending plane. The customer requested installation and onsite support during the entire event. The Continental 777 looked great at the US Open and was a memorable hit with guests.…

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  • Chinet Comfort Cup Experience

    To increase brand awareness for the Chinet Comfort Cup®, Entech Innovative partnered with Trashtalk FCM to create a one-of-a-kind experience. The campaign focused on engaging the consumer during the regular course of their day. The promotion involved the street team offering passers-by coffee from their coffee dispensing backpacks. Consumers could stop and enjoy their coffee at a mobile coffee table shaped like a large Chinet Comfort Cup®.

    (See video of steam test)

    While the team at Entech worked with Trashtalk FCM to refine the engagement content for the activation, a lot of great ideas were generated. Why not have the coffee dispensing backpacks look like the Chinet Comfort Cups®? Would the experience be enhanced if steam and coffee smell came out of the top of the Chinet Comfort Cup® table? How about having a warm table top so people could rest their Chinet Comfort Cups® on it and the coffee stay warm? After the suggestions were adapted Entech set to work fabricating!

    The large Chinet Comfort Cup® table was designed and fabricated to be an exact replica of a Chinet Comfort Cup® with lid. Powered by batteries to make it portable, it would work up to 6 hours when charged overnight. In addition, the lightweight Chinet Comfort Cup® table had wheels to make it easy for one person to maneuver.

    The promotion took place in the northeast during the winter. During the campaign, five partial days each in four markets, over 82,000 cups of coffee and coupons were handed out to potential consumers. The campaign was so successful it was extended to a fifth market.

    Working closely with our client, we adjusted to their budget and timeline. Dynamic projects require the ability to solve unique challenges as they arise. Entech’s team provides creative talent balanced with practical knowledge of engineering, fabrication and construction requirements to ensure that each project achieves design intent. And, most importantly, is on time and within budget!…

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  • The Ford Cowboys Stadium Mezzanine

    Ford Motor Company wanted a permanent branded environment in the iconic Cowboys Stadium mezzanine. To realize Ford’s vision, Xperience Communications of Detroit, Michigan, partnered with Entech Innovative to design and build the Cowboys Stadium Ford End Zone Mezzanine.

    As the technical design and fabrication partner for the group, Entech engineered and fabricated the activation content for the Cowboys Stadium end zone mezzanine. It was Entech’s job to make what Ford and Xperience envisioned come alive. And the mezzanine does come alive with the fountain centerpiece.

    Engineered and constructed by the Entech team, the “Ford oval” shaped fountain is enclosed by an infinity edge type pool and offers four pre-programmed “shows.” The “shows” can be controlled and activated via web access. This unseen feature permits a qualified person to run the fountain or change the show from virtually anywhere they have connectivity.

    Another prominent highlight, the “Vehicle Stacker” is a large scale display for any eight Ford cars or light trucks. Structurally engineered by the Entech engineering team, the design took into account critical site load bearing capabilities, space and installation limitations and requirements.

    In addition, the team at Entech engineered and fabricated an assortment of other major brand identity elements in the mezzanine. Large scale branded signage and architectural details contribute to the visitor’s experience.

    The high quality brand statement effected for Ford in the mezzanine experience has become one of the favorite tour stops and game-day destinations for millions of visitors and fans to Cowboys Stadium each year.

    See the fountain in action!

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  • Ford Motorcraft Experience

    Entech Innovative developed, designed, programmed and fabricated an engaging simulator experience to highlight the Ford Motorcraft brand at promotional events. Working with Xperience Communications, the Ford Motorcraft racing simulation game has become an event favorite.

    The game is housed in a fully self-contained trailer that includes a generator and outside multimedia brand displays. Inside, there are two custom race simulators. The gaming experience is enhanced with smoke, air blasts and seat movement effects triggered by the on-screen action.

    The original marketing plan expected the Motorcraft game to engage for one or two seasons. However, this mobile marketing simulator experience is so popular at events, it has become a key feature at events used year after year.…

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  • Mobile Display – Ford Scissor Lift

    Xperience Communications wanted a custom mobile display for Ford’s new vehicles. The Entech engineering team reviewed the original project concept and realized a different design would maximize functionality and reliability and still keep the project within budget.

    The scissor lift easily transports Ford cars to, and showcases them at, events throughout the country. The lift raises, lowers and turns the showcased vehicle, offering a top down, 360-degree view. In addition, the customized branding turns the vehicle into an attraction during transport.…

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  • Ford Tower

    For mobile activations, the “Ford Tower of Power,” is truly impressive. Entech engineers worked with Xperience Communications for Ford Motor Vehicles on this customized project. The task: to create a display that would definitely set Ford apart; the tower is themed as an oil rig and rises 60 feet above the brand activation.

    The structure displays and rotates a brand-new, fully-loaded 7,000 pound Ford truck for spectacular 360-degree views of the vehicle. The colossal Ford Tower demonstrates, once and for all, that Ford does “tower above the rest.”…

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