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  • City of Wonders Traveling Exhibit

    Entech Innovative Engineering was commissioned by COSI to build City of Wonders, an interactive traveling exhibit that highlights the advantages of living in a city in Florida. Designed for young and old alike to enjoy, this low-cost, modular attraction features traditional Florida architecture and its history, allowing visitors to explore the various aspects of city life in the beautiful Sunshine State.

    At the center of the exhibit is the E-globe, a dynamic combination of creativity and technology. Composed of a bank of computers, the E-Globe allows visitors to connect to the City of Wonders website, which provides information about major Florida cities and interactive games to test out one’s gleaned knowledge, making learning more about Florida fun.…

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  • Bernoulli’s Bench

    In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli’s principle states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs at the same time as a decrease in fluid pressure. When applied to various types of fluid flow, it results in what is known as Bernoulli’s equation. When the Witte Museum wanted an interactive exhibit that would help visitors grasp Bernoulli’s principle, they came to Entech Innovative Engineering.

    At Entech’s Bernoulli Bench, guests can test Bernoulli’s principle through a grouping of table top experiments that allow them to play with and observe objects in a stream of moving air with an interactive attraction that brings physics to life.…

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  • Liberty Science Center Hurricane Effect

    Nothing like the real thing! So when the Liberty Science Center wanted to show how real world building systems protect tall buildings from the effects of wind, they asked us to build a wind tunnel that would simulate winds of over 100 mph.  See it in action! The Curtain Wall Test

    The Liberty Science Center wind tunnel demonstrates the effectiveness of skyscraper glazing systems, or curtain walls. The experience begins when visitors enter a chamber donned with raincoats and eye protection. Once protected by the element, a 75 horsepower VFD controlled axial fan simulates the power and force of a 100 mph wind storm. Subsequently, the curtain wall element is closed and the power and force of the wind is rebuffed, leaving the visitors calm and dry, just as occupants of modern high-rise buildings are protected within from environmental conditions. See a real world example.

    The project proved to be highly complex. The challenge was to engineer a scientifically sound simulation room with reliable safety systems, enhance the experience by incorporating the show experience into the element and all within a limited budget and time frame.

    Working with the education design team, Entech Innovative Engineering delivered the immersive exhibit on-time and within budget. The Curtain Wall has become one of the Science Center’s premier iconic exhibits, a must for their 866,000 plus visitors each year.…

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  • Heart Pump

    Heart Pump, designed and engineered by Entech Innovative Engineering, combines discovery and excitement into a “heart-pumping” race while teaching how the heart muscle effectively and efficiently pumps blood. In this interactive exhibit, the guest presses one of three buttons to choose the duration of the interactive experience (one, two, or three minutes).

    After pressing one of the cycle time buttons, guests start hand pumping a “manual heart,” racing their pumping speed against an “electric heart,” calibrated to approximate the pumping action of a human heart. The goal is to see which heart can fill a graduated container with blood faster, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “heart racing.”…

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  • Hope Diamond

    Entech, together with the world famous Diebold Corporation, provided the Smithsonian Institution with the design, engineering and fabrication of the vitrine chest and mechanical security mechanism that permits the public maximum access to the Hope Diamond.

    The high-tech mechanism displays and protects the Hope Diamond, one of America’s national treasures, within the security chest that houses it. The top secret mechanical mechanism displays, retracts and secures the diamond each day.  It is also designed to react instantaneously to secure the diamond in case of a security breach.

    The details of the design and how it works remain confidential. However, during development of the mechanism the time came near to begin testing and John Marhoefer, CEO of Entech, remembers there was a question as to whether or not Entech would receive the real Hope Diamond as he recommended! Sadly, but not unexpectedly, only the ‘paste’ diamond was used during testing. Notwithstanding, the testing was successful and suffice it to say the Smithsonian has no concerns regarding the security of the precious diamond, displayed daily to thousands of people visiting the Janet Annenberg Hooker Gallery in Washington, D.C.…

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  • Skycyle™

    The Entech Innovative Engineering-branded SkyCycle™ has become the standard for full-body immersive educational exhibits for almost a dozen science centers throughout the United States and Asia. Originally the generic high-wire or high-rail bike, Entech’s engineers standardized the design to provide comfort and safety, yet, by permitting riders to sway back and forth within defined limits, simultaneously offering a white knuckle thrill to first time riders.

    The SkyCycle™ clearly demonstrates several foundational principles of physics, including center of gravity, balance and counterweight systems, in a manner that guarantees retention! Entech continues to offer these large-scale attractor exhibits to premier education-focused Science Centers.…

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