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  • The Simpsons Ride

    The Simpsons Ride is a motion simulator attraction based on the popular animated television series The Simpsons. Opened in 2008, the Simpsons attraction was the result of Entech Innovative Engineering’s collaboration with Universal Studios in the re-purposing of the popular Back to the Future ride.

    Entech Innovative was hired to design, engineer and fabricate several components within the adapted motion system, as well as the refurbishment of the ride cars for new safety standards and themed environment.

    This was a concentrated effort for the integration of a new themed experience, progressive technology, the assurance of safety for guests and overall enhancement and ASTM certification of the ride attraction.…

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  • Art of Animation – Crush Icon

    The Art of Animation Resort features beloved characters and stories that invite guests to enter the magical animated world of their favorite films. Crush, from the Disney-Pixar film Finding Nemo, is the focal point in the main pool courtyard, a larger-than-life icon that adorns the Art of Animation Resort.

    Standing an imposing 35’ x 42’, Crush is made of composite construction on a steel and aluminum armature finished with scenic paint. Skillfully engineered, environmental conditions, transportation restrictions and installation needs were all addressed during the design phase. The combination of digitized surfaces with skilled sculpting and scenic paint ensure the icon is character correct. Crush appears ready to make a splash at the “Big Blue” pool, the largest swimming pool at the Disney World resort!…

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  • Art of Animation – Mr. Ray Icon

    The Art of Animation Resort opened in May 2012. Based upon the concept of providing guests with the opportunity to come face-to-face with the larger-than-life smiling characters from their favorite Disney/Pixar film, the resort features a giant statue of Mr. Ray in the Finding Nemo courtyard.

    Standing 25’ x 22’, Mr. Ray is constructed of composite, steel and scenic paint. The large scale parts were created using computer modeling and then cut by a 5-axis router. Mr. Ray is an example of the successful combination of machined surfaces and artistic originality.…

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  • Art of Animation – Elephant Bones Icon

    Simba’s journey is celebrated in The Lion King area of the Art of Animation Resort. With landscape and theming that reflect both playful and poignant scenes from the Academy Award-winning Disney animated film The Lion King. Among the landscapes depicted from the movie, the elephant graveyard is both a poignant scene and a playground.

    At 10’ x 25’, the imposing prehistoric elephant bones emerge from a stone cliff. Constructed of stainless steel clad with composite and finished with scenic paint, the bones demonstrate the successful integration of digitized surfaces combined with hand carved detail and skilled scenic paint to achieve the level of detail required for the aged look.…

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  • Art of Animation – Light Poles

    Next time you visit the Art of Animation Resort, check out the light poles. Throughout the resort there are 71 themed light poles. Each “wood” pole is wrapped in resin soaked fabric and then covered in a 2-part epoxy, hand imprinted with the wood texture and scenic painted. We knew we had the theming right the day we spotted a carpenter bee attempting to bore into the last pole we were finishing in the shop.

    Some other interesting features of the light poles: In the Finding Nemo courtyard, the light poles have bubbles on top and movable fixtures to direct light. At The Little Mermaid courtyard pool area, the poles are topped with large crow nests which creatively theme the eight light fixtures.…

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  • Art of Animation – Art

    The Art of Animation courtyards are filled with art. Constructed of composite, concrete and aluminum, The Little Mermaid area is enhanced by 18 dancing fish that are so expressively happy, passersby cannot help but smile. The 15 smiling fish also add to the joyful ambiance. In the Cars area, the yard art includes flat cars, signs and tire stacks with detailed airbrushed hubcaps. The hubcaps were painted by Entech artist Carlos Morales who won an airbrush painting competition.…

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  • Blastaway Beach

    The management at Wet ‘n Wild wanted the new Blastaway Beach playground to be designed, constructed and open to the public in time for the summer season. To get the job done, Wet ‘n Wild management turned to two reliable partners, Entech Innovative and ProSlide, to build their vision for the innovative new interactive children’s play area.

    Wet ‘n Wild, founded by “Father of the Waterpark” and IAAPA Hall of Fame inductee George Milay, was his first ‘child.’ Since customer expectations and park standards are among the highest, the challenge for Entech Innovative and ProSlide was to deliver a project that would exceed expectations.

    Working together on a tight time frame and a tighter budget, Entech and ProSlide devised a number of innovative construction methods that together made the fabulous outcome possible within the job requirements. Even better, park attendance expectations were exceeded when the attraction opened in the summer of 2012 to the great delight of park visitors.…

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  • Kids Splash Playground

    Action and fun are the order of the day in the themed children’s pool at the Grand Floridian resort. What the guests don’t know is all the custom work that went into the creation of the unique environment they are enjoying. From creativity and engineering, to metal work, hydraulics, mold making, fiber glass, and scenic painting, the best fun uses the best from our many disciplines and capabilities. These same type of water play structures are seen throughout most Walt Disney World resorts.…

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  • Blue Horizons

    Engineered and built by Entech Innovative Engineering under the direction of the Sea World San Diego team, Blue Horizons is a spectacular show. The show unites sea and sky while showcasing majestic animals and spirited performers. Set in SeaWorld San Diego’s completely renovated Dolphin Stadium, the show features energetic bottle nose dolphins, magnificent pilot whales, a colorful array of exotic birds and amazing acrobatic performers.

    The Entech team enjoyed solving the technical and engineering surprises that always arise in a complex project. The stage show set pieces, bridges, lift system and translucent wave forms all offered opportunities for Entech’s engineers and skilled craftsmen to come up with innovative solutions; new ways of doing things.

    For example, the show set required hundreds of uniquely shaped translucent panels. To make each shape by hand would have been prohibitively expensive. However, using a translucent FRP material, Entech developed a special stiffening system for the show set panels that permitted them to be cut on a CNC water jet using a pattern. This innovative approach to the project made fabrication much faster and efficient, saving the customer time and money.

    Ultimately, Blue Horizons won the IAAPA 2010 Brass Ring Award for Live Entertainment Excellence in the Production Budget of $1 Million or more. Entech is proud to have been a valuable part of the dream team that brought this imaginative show to life.

    Blue Horizons Debuted at SeaWorld San Diego

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  • Dollywood Mystery Mine Roller Coaster

    Mystery Mine, a Dollywood attraction, is a roller coaster designed to take guests on a realistic and dramatic adventure through a long abandoned coal mine with an eerie past. Herschend Family Entertainment asked Entech Innovative Engineering to create excitement during the ride. Entech engineers used state-of-the-art show effects, including pyrotechnics and audio that set the stage for the experience.

    Thrill-seekers relish the 95-degree drops that plunge them into darkness before continuing through the foggy ruins of a fire-ravaged coal mine from the early 1900s. Entech engineers make this attraction a show riders won’t soon forget as they travel through the series of uncertain encounters. What the guests don’t know is the flame system is NFPA16-compliant and was created using the latest safety PLC technology.…

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