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Mt Rushmore & Building to Impress

How Mt Rushmore was built and the technology created to make that happen. read more

Active Cathodic Protection and Water Parks

Why does steel corrode, particularly at water parks? An Entech Innovative Engineering senior engineer reviews why steel corrodes and the scientific principle behind Active Cathodic Protection. Active Cathodic Protection is a method of protecting a structural or otherwise valuable piece of base read more

William Scherzer, American Engineer

William Scherzer grasped a technical challenge, reimagined it in a new and innovative way, and thus solved a movable bridge limitation that had perplexed engineers for generations. read more

Art Shelters of International Drive

Collaboration, vision and technological innovation created Art Shelters in Orlando that break new ground in composite development. read more

On Galvanic Corrosion

The prevention of galvanic corrosion is always a priority when an aluminum structure is installed in or near water. While aluminum is highly resistant to destructive oxidation in air, water, seawater, or acid, galvanic corrosion can occur when it is in electrical contact with other metals.  read more

Marcel Breuer and the ‘Wassily Chair’

Marcel Breuer was the first to use tubular steel in the construction of furniture.  When he designed the ‘Wassily Chair’ in 1925, he signaled a turning point in furniture design by making a clear aesthetic break with the past. read more

Gustave Eiffel

When Gustave Eiffel completed his great tower, it was intended to be a temporary structure which could easily be torn down. That it survived to become a symbol of France is a testament to the technological, aesthetic and economic value the tower proved to embody. read more


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