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Posted Nov 7, 2012 @ 12:26pm

The Re-invention of Entech Innovative

By John Marhoefer

I was sitting in our break room on a Friday afternoon about 6 PM in the late spring with an incredibly bright and creative friend of mine – Walt Geiger, one of our innovation partners. We had recently completed our LYNX Art Form Bus Shelter project together and were discussing our upcoming initiatives. It was right then when Walt said something arresting, something simultaneously surprising and yet not surprising.

“John,” he said, “every 10 years I re-invent myself.”

Surprising: Why didn’t I think of that!?!?

Not surprising: Of course a guy with Walt’s talent and ability would think to do that.

Yet, when I thought about it, I realized we had, unconsciously, been re-inventing ourselves since our inception. Still, in a flash, I decided we’d not only continue, but embrace change or maybe more on point, commit to a process of continual change aimed at always improving our value.

Re-invention is our commitment to become more tomorrow than we are today – intentionally embracing the process of change. We have an awareness of, and understanding, that every day we are afforded an opportunity to change, to grow, to become better or maybe just different.

This has meant a number of things to us, including upgrading our commitment to our internal education and certification processes. Right now, for example, one of our engineers just sat for his professional licensing exam and several more are scheduled to do so. We’ve built a soon-to-be online data base of our welding procedures and certifications for our own use and to share with our customers.

In addition, this has meant improving how we communicate with and service our clients. For example, we’ve pioneered the utilization of QR codes as an entry point to accessing on-line operations and maintenance manuals, along with as-built documentation; see blog post Lost User Manuals: No More! and a new website! We designed it to be easier to navigate, to have more information about us, to be more interactive and most importantly we created it to be a valuable informational resource for our clients.

Why? Because that is what we want to be: Valuable to our clients.

So welcome to our new website! Explore, come back often to see the changes and updates, join in the conversation and take advantage of our commitment to creativity, growth and innovation; our commitment to you!


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