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We love our work and are considered among the best, if not the best, at what we do. We value and welcome the challenges our clients bring us, which provide the new opportunity to collaborate, synthesize ideas, design and build unique and innovative expressions of creativity – an essential characteristic of any meaningful work.

Managing partner John Marhoefer gives you insight into our beginnings, our philosophy, growth and commitment to our work and to you.

Read our story to learn even more of our history, meet some of our key management team members, learn about our award-winning projects and our Innovation Partners with whom we’re always exploring new methods and ideas.

Our Story

When you need something built that has never been constructed before, Entech Innovative Engineering finds a way to execute it. From the intricate complexity of the display mechanism for the Smithsonian’s Hope Diamond to the magnificent grandeur of Walt Disney Company’s Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary Iconic Regalia, Entech can make anything! Creating the dynamic, captivating, compelling, educational and innovative for the industries we serve is our passion and focus at Entech Innovative.

After two decades of accomplishment, our award winning work is installed worldwide and our reputation for leading innovation in our industry continues to grow.

From Humble Beginnings

Founder John Marhoefer chose the challenge of starting his own company on the principles learned as a young engineer of sound structural and mechanical design, cost effective problem solving and on the basis of customer commitment. From our humble beginnings in a mother-in-law suite over a garage to our 30,000 square foot office and fabrication facility of today, Entech Innovative has grown in response to the needs of our varied clients. To meet our clients’ needs, we approach each project with a combination of creativity and practicality to create design solutions that deliver the client’s vision while making engineering and financial sense.

One early example is a project we, as a small young company, created for the Universal Studios Hollywood Flintstones Stage Show. The Pterodactyl Airline, a truly complex element, “flew” over the audience carrying performers, making the quality and durability of the design and construction essential to public safety during performances. At the same time, the creative representation had to be believable within the story of the show.

After convincing the visiting project executives we had the resources to take on the job, John and the team got together and built what proved to be the first in a long line of what Entech Innovative would come to specialize in: complex, engineered, iconic elements other companies avoid or are not sure how to create.

To A Reputation For Leading Innovation

Since then, Entech Innovative has helped scores of clients realize their visions; helping them navigate the design build process, developing innovative solutions to fabrication and engineering problems, suggesting alternatives to established processes when it makes sense for the success of the project and always seeking the challenge of the project we have not done before. In each case, Entech Innovative uses our rare combination of innovative insight and no-nonsense solution sense to develop an end result that exceeds the expectations of an impressive client list which includes Disney, Universal Studios, FAO Schwarz, Ford, Hard Rock and The Smithsonian Institution.



Our Team

John Marhoefer, P.E.

Managing Partner/Chief Engineer

As one of the company’s founders, John is sometimes asked how he got into the business. “Short straw!” John might answer, tongue planted firmly in cheek. But an examination of the longer answer reveals the truth; opportunity combined with John’s competence, confidence and commitment. As John puts it:

“We started the company because there was an opportunity to do work I loved to do and would take pride in. For that reason, Entech’s work stands for me personally and it is important to me the company exemplify qualities I’m proud of. We are in the business of applying our superior technical skills in engineering, creative design and innovation to meet client needs. In all the areas in which we operate, we utilize a similar innovative approach to provide an inspired and reliable outcome.”

As Entech grew and developed as a company, John realized, “the purpose of the company is to provide quality of life for the company’s stakeholders: the clients, employees, and owners, professionally and personally.” The lynch pin for the success of this equation is the company’s customers, or as John was taught by his mentor and former boss:

“Joe taught me that in our world, any given project can be likened to a motorcycle ride. We are the driver and our client is the passenger sitting on the back. To have a successful ride, there are two crucial ingredients. First of all, our customer must love the destination when we get there. But that’s the obvious factor. The second, often overlooked factor is: the customer must enjoy the ride along the way! We’ve always been reliable in delivering superior destinations. Experience has taught us the importance of making sure our customers enjoy the ride along the way.”

John has more than 30 years of experience delivering successful projects for scores of clients in many industries. With an extensive background in mechanical and structural engineering design, John also possesses an expansive knowledge of electrical power & control and hydraulic systems. This rare combination of expertise provides him with the tools necessary to successfully develop and guide the integration of a wide variety of disciplines into successful cohesive projects, a vital skill set when creating complex environments and creative icons.

John attributes his accomplishments in large measure to the rigid discipline of his early technical training in a traditional “old-school” engineering arena followed by his early experience in jobs with increasing responsibility, each requiring more capabilities than the one before. Early jobs included Project Engineer, Project Manager, Director of Engineering, and Vice President of Operations for a custom show action equipment manufacturer. These experiences instilled in John the tenets that grew into Entech’s commitment to the customer, accountability and attention to detail.

John earned his BSCE degree from Lehigh University which he attended on scholarship and subsequently obtained his MBA from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College. John is a registered professional engineer in a number of states and a certified general contractor, serving as the registered agent for the firm’s contracting activities in Florida.

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Claude Valenze

Automation Designer

An Automation Designer for Entech Innovative Engineering needs many skills; they need the ability to integrate information from several different areas of engineering with extensive machine design understanding. Fortunately, Claude Valenze is a true renaissance man with both the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary. One of Claude’s key talents is his ability to conceptualize reliable machinery that has never been built before. That is why Claude is frequently tasked with developing the most critical aspects of a design. Claude’s expertise in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatic design, electro-mechanics, control system software development and power distribution make him an invaluable member of the team.

Claude has partnered with Entech Innovative on several important automation projects.  As the principal automation designer for the Hope Diamond Display Mechanism, Claude contributed to the overall strategy of the design. He was responsible for the innovative motor/drive arrangement this project required, and performed many of the mechanical calculations required to demonstrate the efficacy of their design decisions.

The chief automation designer for the Mobile Chemical High Ratio Film Testing System, Claude worked closely with Mobil’s associates to develop requisite performance specifications. He also personally engineered, designed, and oversaw fabrication of the machine and the engineering calculations it required.

Claude’s past experience includes Chief Automation Designer at Power Systems Control, where Claude managed conceptual design and developed a reputation as a leading industry troubleshooter. A Project Engineer/Manager of Research and Development at O.D. Hopkins Associates, he designed and implemented multi-passenger custom ride systems for theme parks including the $2.4 million attraction Shoot the Chute, a 20-passenger ride in Kobe, Japan, and the $1.4 million, eight passenger Flume ride at Dollywood, Tennessee.

For all the above and more, we at Entech Innovative recognize and value Claude Valenze’s ability to draw upon his knowledge and skills, and then envision innovative solutions.

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Shane Gray

Project Manager

Shane Gray has been involved in production, project, facilities and production management for more than 20 years. Shane’s practical technical knowledge, aesthetic acumen, people skills and fabrication abilities makes him invaluable to any organization he has been a part of. Shane has held many positions including: Production Director at a theming company; Manager of an amusement park where he was responsible for the opening and operation of the park during its first two seasons; supervisor of field installation teams; and Project Manager of many complex custom design- build projects, such as the Blue Horizons show set and action systems for Sea World San Diego.

With hands-on experience at every level of the custom design-build industry, Shane is able to lead by example. His flexibility and facility with stepping into a project at any stage in its development and taking ownership ensures that every project he is involved with reflects the clients’ goals.

Shane has completed various certificate programs including Stepping up to Supervisor and Negotiation Training Certification. Currently Shane has been in extensive project management training and will be sitting for his CAPM certification in Spring of 2017.

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