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Want to jump into the action of your favorite movie? With the integration of motion based platforms, virtual ride attractions are increasing in popularity as well as reality.

Despicable Me Video – Today Show

So, how is this experiential adventure created? By adding the tactile element of movement to synchronized visual and audio displays, the result is a blend of sight, sound and touch that convey a physical change of orientation and gravitation. Depending on the final desired effect for the ride attraction, the motion based platform and ride car requirements are unique. Platforms can utilize either electric or hydraulic actuation with up to six degrees of freedom: three rotational degrees of freedom (roll, pitch, yaw) and three translational / linear degrees of freedom (surge, heave, sway).

As expected, innovation is blazing a path and challenging us further to partner with other technology leaders in the development of a programmable self-propelled motion based vehicle. Look forward to some new and exciting products soon!


  • Architectural Elements

  • Iconic Features

  • Interactive Exhibits

  • Promotional Content

  • Ride & Show Systems

  • Themed Environments

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