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Entech Innovative Engineering engineered, themed and fabricated the set transformation effect for Poseidon’s Fury® at Universal’s Islands of Adventure®. As the key special effect in the attraction, the 54’ x 43’ room transformation creates the illusion that the audience has been magically transported from the Oracle Room to the Temple Room.

The effect works its magic by raising a duplicate version of the Oracle Room above the guests while their eyes are temporarily blinded by strobe lights, then the Temple Room silently travels 35 feet around the audience in 6.2 seconds. To ensure the illusion is believable and safe, as well as exciting, the system is made up of several subsystems and themed elements including: a 70-foot tower, murals, overhead rigging, a flying set piece, haul system, counterweight tower assembly, safety system and the controls/power distribution system which ensures the needed precise timing to make the effect work.

The 35,000-pound room and counterweight is a complex engineering accomplishment possible because of the depth and breadth of expertise Entech’s multidisciplinary engineering and fabrication team delivers. The team accomplished the successful integration of engineering and scenic work to give the attraction its finishing touch and bring it to life.


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