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Siemens SU2C Promotion

Siemens has joined forces with Stand Up To Cancer for “The Baton Pass,” a new country-wide fund raising campaign to support SU2C’s innovative cancer research & treatment.

Entech Innovative was contracted to engineer & fabricate the batons which will be tracked across the country on their journey toward raising $1 million dollars.

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So, how does the baton work exactly?  It is a custom mini-computer encased in a lightweight polycarbonate tube.  It has a microprocessor that runs a GPS satellite tracker, programmable lighting, and a counter to keep track of the “clicks” or times the baton is passed.  It operates with a rechargeable battery system and has the appropriate RJ45 port for the transfer of information.

This is a great example of how Entech is innovating design in the experiential marketplace and our capacity to develop elements for every type of industry.




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